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Gouache, graphite over ink on 100% cotton or bamboo archival. Art series' featuring rorschach, fire/water, floral, kaleidescope and hermetic compositions in brilliant color schemes intended to soothe, cheer and brighten any room or any mood.  See Photo Gallery for available works. 

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Totem Art
Floral Compositions
FireWater Compositions
Hermetic Curiosities
Derived from a "kaleidoscope composition" each painting is unique and invites the viewer to find faces and characters like clowns, bears, birds and other creatures. Choose clown or totem focus) and size; if larger than 10x10 an original 10x10 will be created and then larger format printed and overpainted as necessary. The four totem images in the Photo Gallery are the prototypes that your piece will be modelled after so a preference should be indicated.  (Tax and shipping, as applicable, will be added separately.)
Original floral oil paintings are professionally digitized and manipulated; resulting patterns create layers of intrigue which are enhanced and distinguished with gouache paint meticulously applied with a tiny No. 1 paintbrush.  Refer to the Photo Gallery for variations.  8x10 $75; 10x10 $150-$200;  11x14 $250-300; 12x18 $300; 16x16 $300-400. Specific colors or color schemes can be requested. (Tax and shipping, as applicable, will be added separately.)
These compositions are never the same and are custom made to order.  Although the preferred colors are yellows, reds and blues - other ranges can be requested.  Please refer to the examples in the Photo Gallery to determine the style e.g. "blue birch," "cloud cover,"  "panacea" or "mersea". 10x10 $125, 11x14 $175 or 16x16 $250-350 images have been created but larger formats can be discussed. (Tax and shipping, as applicable, will be added separately.)
These works typically reflect a rorschach or other contemplative aspect that provokes the viewer to think beyond the frame. Digital reproductions of oil on canvas or gouache originals are reworked pentimento or overpainted to enhance and distinguish each piece so that all are unique members of a series.  Ask for quote, cost is determined by level of detail/complexity and volume. 8x10 $75-$100; 11x14 $150-300. (Tax and shipping, as applicable, will be added separately.)

Available to order as noted by genre, most color schemes can be incorporated upon request. 

Completion and delivery can take up to five weeks. If in the DC metro area, in-person delivery is possible. 

Some oil on canvas works are available or can be commissioned. 

Please contact me by phone or email to order or discuss specifics in greater detail. 

Thanks for your interest.  

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